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Ben Damsky先生捐贈希臘羅馬古幣


臺大圖書館於2004年獲Ben Damsky先生捐贈希臘羅馬古幣27枚,Ben Damsky先生並提供相關解說與清單。該批典藏包含約紀元前400年之古幣,是臺大圖書館最具歷史的典藏之一。該批古幣之圖案林林總總,例如,呈現當時之古廟建築樣式、國王肖像、動物等圖案;為古希臘與古羅馬歷史與其古藝術工藝之研究,提供相關的素材。臺大圖書館以數位典藏提供該批資料之影像檔與Ben Damsky先生撰寫之說明,供教學研究使用,並對其慨然捐贈貴重文物資料,敬表謝意。

Ancient Coins donated by Mr. Ben Damsky
In 2004, the National Taiwan University Library (NTUL) was gratefully received a donation of 27 ancient coins of Roman Empire with introductory information from Mr. Ben Damsky. The casting date of some of the coins could be as early as 400-450 BCE, added to the Library one invaluable special numismatics collection. The coin design includes temple architecture, portraits of kings, animals, etc., depicting the history, casting technics, and the arts of the ancient Rome and Greece. The NTUL provides digital images and annotation about each coin for research and teaching purposes, and sincerely thanks Mr. Ben Damsky for contributing the precious collection and the associated annotation to serve the scholarly community.

*引用本古幣解說時, 請註明古幣解說撰者為 Mr. Ben Damsky.
 Please credit to Mr. Ben Damsky when cite the annotation in your own article.